Georgie went above and beyond as a doula. Before experiencing childbirth I could have never known how important having Georgie would be during the process, during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She is so genuine and full of fantastic ways to help you push through and remain as comfortable as possible, and extremely willing to help you out postpartum. I cannot express how much I recommend having her assist you through childbirth! Thank you Georgie for being so amazing at what you do!!!! - Madusun

I sought out Georgie because of her training in the Birthing From Within philosophies on childbirth. During our prenatal visits, Georgie got to know me and my husband and came to understand how we envisioned our birth experience. She also helped us consider how we would feel, and helped us be prepared, if things went differently than planned.

At my daughter's birth, Georgie provided a mother-like sense of support, without the anxiety I would have felt if my mother had actually been there with us. She supported me as I labored with encouragement, suggesting and helping me change positions, offering food/drink, and massage. She helped my husband help me as well, and gave my him breaks when he needed them, even if he didn't realize he needed to rest and eat too.

After the birth, Georgie helped me process the birth by asking me what no one else asked - how I felt about it. When others told me how I should feel, she listened to how I did feel. With Georgie as part of our birth team, I felt completely supported physically and in making decisions about my childbirth. I couldn't be happier about having her at such a life-changing event. She will always have a special places in our hearts. - Sherah

Georgie was WONDERFUL as a doula. She came and did reflexology both before, during labor, and afterwards. She did Placenta Encapsulation - which was great as before I had to use someone else. Incredibly convenient for her to get the placenta right after birth and then deliver the pills to our house a couple of days later was great. My son was also breech at 36 weeks, and she helped with techniques to get him spun around. The TENS unit she had that I was able to borrow removed any contraction pain during the first stage of labor - highly recommend.

She was calm, supportive, full of ideas, humorous, and helped me with focus. Was there and supportive to my husband as well since she knew so much and could help him rest easy. It was also great to have an advocate as my water broke at home and they wanted me to go into the hospital. The doctor wanted to start me on pitocin right away as labor wasn't progressing, and between her and the labor nurse I didn't start it until 12 hours later.

Highly recommend Georgie for her expertise, knowledge and a complete package to support the birth and post-birth process. - Nicole

I had a wonderful experience with Georgie as my doula!  I used one of my prenatal meetings with her for some reflexology. She came over on a Wednesday morning and worked her magic. It was extremely relaxing. And then that night- I went into labor!  My labor was a wonderful experience and I give Georgie credit for keeping me calm and focused, which kept my labor moving at a swift pace (I had a 9 hour labor). Her presence and energy are exactly what I needed to open myself up and allow my son to enter the world!  I feel so lucky to have had Georgie on my team! - Stef

My husband & I will never be able to fully articulate our gratitude for Georgie. I simply cannot imagine my pre-labor, labor, delivery & postpartum without her. She's incredibly smart, knowledgeable, kind, caring & funny. Her years of experience & reflexology techniques were so helpful. Not only was her care for me exemplary, but she also made my husband feel cared for and part of the process as well. I cannot recommend Georgie enough. I would give her 5+++ stars if I could. If we have another child, she will be one of the first people on my call provider list!-Melissa

Words cannot describe how much we loved working with Georgie. From our very first meeting with her, my husband and I knew immediately that she was a perfect match for us as we prepared for the birth of our second child.
Our first birth was traumatic, and it took us four years to "forget" it. Being pregnant again stirred up a lot of anxiety for us, and Georgie, over the course of several visits, helped us understand and overcome the root issues related to our anxiety. Not only is she attentive, she's also a great listener. We would joke about how sessions with her felt like couples therapy - we felt closer just talking to her! 
Her reflexology sessions alleviated my severe sciatic pain and helped relax me when I was feeling stressed during the final weeks of my pregnancy. During labor, she was a saint with her tips for pain management and was very hands-on with back massages when I was experiencing back labor. It was great to have her on my side.
She has checked in multiple times afterwards to make sure that postpartum care and breastfeeding are going well.
I highly recommend Georgie!! She's the best. I would hire her again in a heartbeat! -


Georgie was my wonderful doula during the  homebirth of my 9lb 5oz daughter.  She added so much needed support during my long labor.  She performed reflexology that was amazing.  She was attentive to all my needs emotionally and physical. I'm grateful to have had Georgie be a part of my birthing experience.  She brought a wealth of knowledge and a calming energy.  I couldn't have done it without her. - Erin


Words fall short to describe how amazing Georgie is. She is pleasant, thorough, and committed to you having the best experience possible. And she doesn't just focus on the mothers, either. As a dad, it was very reassuring to know that Georgie would be caring for my wife and our daughter.
In short, money well spent. Thanks, Georgie! -



I started seeing Georgie for Reflexology when I was seven months pregnant with my first baby. Her work helped alleviate my insomnia, ease my backache and prepare my body for delivery. I was so comfortable with Georgie that after a few appointments I knew I wanted her for my Doula. She came to our house for a consultation and my husband thought she was great. We talked about our expectations for the birth and made a plan. 
I went into labor the day before my due date. After having pretty mild contractions for three hours and then an hour of more steady contractions we called Georgie. She decided to come over just to be safe. She had already given us the TENS machine and suggested I start using it. We put it on and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Contractions were bad, but the TENS really helped. Georgie arrived and helped my labor at home for two more hours until my contractions were four minutes apart and  then we headed for the hospital. By the time we got there I was seven centimeters dilated and things were progressing nicely. Georgie used reflexology on my hands to relax me in between contractions. I was very calm during the whole process, which I attribute to her care.
Once in the birthing suite Georgie suggested different positions to make me more comfortable, massaged my lower back during contractions, told us the right time to get in the spa tub, and generally provided techniques and support to make me more comfortable. By having Georgie there my husband could focus on loving and supporting me emotionally and enjoying the experience instead of trying to remember the techniques we learned in our labor and delivery class. 
Georgie helped me get to 10 centimeters with no pain medication and my goal of natural  birth looked very promising. Unfortunately, the baby was sunny side up and the doctor said I couldn't push at that time without causing damage to my body. At that point Georgie talked me through the options the doctor offered and helped me by supporting my decision of getting an epidural. Five hours later, with Georgie holding one leg, a nurse holding the other, and my husband holding my head and cheering me on, our beautiful daughter was born. It was a magical experience and I am so grateful to have had Georgie as our  birth doula. She knew exactly what we needed, didn't interfere with our intimate husband/wife moments and provided excellent care. If we are lucky enough to have a second baby, Georgie will be there. 
The follow -up  post-partum care was also helpful and it was great to have her visit in our home and see our baby at two weeks old.  I highly recommend Georgie as a Doula as well as for reflexology during pregnancy.  Julia, Chris and Vega

I really do think receiving reflexology weekly during the final weeks of my pregnancy helped - a lot! Honestly, I felt a change within minutes of leaving my third session at 40 weeks. I couldn't believe it! Within five minutes of leaving a session with Georgie the day before I was due, I felt a huge rush of hormones change, and started weeping in the car for no reason. I could tell that my hormones were somehow different. When I got home, I told my husband that something had changed in my system, and I knew I was about ready to go. Around 11 p.m. that night, contractions started! I stayed in early labor for a couple of days, where contractions were about 10 to 30 minutes apart. After that they progressed and my son was born early the next day. J.B.

Georgie was an excellent Doula, I can't say that enough. She was a wonderful coach to me and my husband and was there to help us through the whole process. Her reflexology and aromatherapy skills were also welcome during the initial phases while we waited for heavier contractions to set in. Her calm demeanor was very welcomed in providing a serene atmosphere. She encouraged me to work through the pain as opposed to fighting it. Her TENS machine was a God send and allowed me to manage the contractions in addition to her other techniques; rocking my hips, massaging my upper back and gravity inspiring positions. Wanting to know my trigger points for encouragement (positive encouragement) as opposed to providing empathy, was absolutely applauded and deep thinking on her part. She also has a pleasant sense of humor to boot! I highly
recommend Georgie!! - Diane